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I.D: BD 2000
I.D: BD 2001
I.D: BD 2002

Electric Perkins Brailler. has made it easier for braille transcribers and visually impaired to write braille. Able to emboss in any language as well as emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on an 11X11(1/2)" sheet of braille paper

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Tatrapoint Standard Brailler. A mechanical, six key brailler that takes normal braille paper on a roll. Having a very robust design, this machine is quite, safe and easy to operate.

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Tatrapoint Adaptive Brailler. A mechanical, six key brailler that takes normal braille paper on a roll. Having a robust housing, it's quite, safe and easy to operate. Adjustable key board for width that ensures both Children's and Adults' hands a comfortable writing.

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I.D: BD2012
I.D: BD2011
I.D: BD2013

Basic D. This is a double sided Braille printer or Braille embosser that uses continous continous tractor feed paper and can print double sided braille pages at a rate of 430 pages per hour.

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Everest This double sided Braille printer for single sheet paper, is newly improved in every way. Such improvements include; Low noise, High speed, improved paper handling, improved dot and speech quality, all at the same competitive price as the previous version. Place Order here

Braillo 200 The Braillo 200 is reliable, dependable and ideal for medium to heavy braille production. Uses continous tractor feed paper in a variety of sizes. Prints both 6 and 8 dot Braille interpoint/ single-side 200 cps. Place Order here


I.D: BD2014
I.D: BD2015
I.D: BD2016

Braillo 400 SW- (Sideways) This model is based on the Braillo 400S with it's well-proven technology. It produces Braille in standard 2 pages (single sided) per sheet format or the 4 pages per sheet format (double sided)Place Order here

Braillo 400 SR- Based on 400S. This Prints 400 characters per second, 1,200 pages per hour, Designed for paper from roll, Built in paper cutter, stacking unit designed for handling Braille documents; Modular design, easy to service, prints simultaneously on both sides. Place Order here

Braillo 400S- Rugged construction for large volume production of braille, low noise, prints both 6 and 8 Braille, Modular Design, Easy to service, Prints simultaneously on all sides, 1200 pages per hour continous printing, high quality Braille. Place Order here

I.D: BD2017 I.D: BD2018 I.D: BD2019
index 4x4 Pro
Swell form graphics machine- This nifty little machine makes excellent tactile images using a simple process. Just duplicate your drawing, map or whatever onto your copy machine then pass it through our heat machine. Place Order here

Braille paper- Plain white in color, our paper is available in two different sizes. One type is tractor-feed fan-fold paper.

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Index 4X4 Pro. This index 4x4 Pro automatically produces Braille books, magazines and newspapers. It presents them automatically sorted, stacked and ready for binding.

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