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Jaws Software
magic zoom software

Goal Ball. This ball meets the international specifications for playing the game. It is 9.5" in diameter and weighs 2.75 pounds.Place Order here

CAN-DO Ball with Bell. A ball for any game that involves bouncing or throwing a ball and locating it by following it's ringing bell. Place Order here

Show Down Ball will bats. Such specialised blind sports products can be made on request, do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Place Order here

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Mobile Speak  

EZC Playing Cards. Not only were these playing cards especially designed for easy viewing, they were tested and highly approved by individuals with visual impairments. Place Order here

Dominoes. 28 double six. Plastic with metal spinners Dominoes measure 1"x2' with indented or raised dots. Place Order here
4 Alarm talking watch, date and stop watch. Large numbers and hands on a white background are the ingrediants for an easy-to-see clock Numbers measure about 3/4" high. A good size for a small room or to put next to one's desk. Place Order here
I.D: DLP5033 I.D: DLP5034 I.D: DLP5035
Full page magnifier. These full page fresnel magnifiers are ideal for looking at small print in phone books, instructions, reading, maps or hobby work. This version is the framed model. The lenses on all models measure 7"x10". includes a 60 day warranty against defects. Place Order here
Pill Organiser, (with 4 alarms), This small 4"x2.75" pill holder, clock and timer is exceptionally easy to use. It has 4 pill compartments, well marked large setting buttons, a back light and a secure cover. Upto 4 alarms can be set to go off daily and the pattern of the beeps indicates which compartment contains the pills for that time.Place Order here
Typoscope. Reading often becomes easier when the area of interest is highlighted. This heavy plastice guide (7.5x5.5 inch) has 2 windows that show only the lines of print being read.Place Order here
I.D: DLP 5037 I.D: DLP 5028 I.D: DLP 5029
Nail clipper with magnifying lens. Prevents nails from spreading all over the place. Enlarges approximately 2 times. Place Order here
EZ liquid alarm. A bright red, small (2.25inchesx1.25x0.75) gadget that buzzes to indicate that a liquid has reached about 1 inch from the top of the container. Uses three 1.5 volt LRAA batteries (included) Place Order here
Liquid indicator. When liquid reaches 0.75" from the top of the cup, a lovely tune is sounded. Place Order here
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