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Braille Transcription Services Assistive Products
Audio Books and Transcription Services Educational Devices
Repair and Maintanance Services Specialised Software
Research & Documentation Daily living Products
Mobility and Orientation Training Leisure and Sports Products

We Specialise in provision of services as categorised below.

Assistive Products:- Telescopic white cane, Collapsible white cane, Wheelchair, Pacmate, Hearing Aid, Digi ear hearing aid

Educational Devices:- Standard Perkins Brailler, Tatrapoint Adaptive Brailler, Electric Perkins Brailler, Tatrapoint Standard Brailler, Brailler Paper. Embossers:- Basic D Brailler, Everest D Brailler, Braillo 200, Index 4x4 Pro, Braillo 400 S, Braillo 400 SR, Braillo 400 SW, Braillo 400 SW SF (Staple & Fold), Romeo 25, Swell form graphics machine, Thermoform Machine (Maximo), Rectangular Braille Labels.

Talking Textbooks, English Alphabet Trainer Plate, Talking 8 Digit Calculator, Large Button 8 Digit Calculator, Dino Junior Big number calculator, Jumbo display folding calculator, Abacus, Large wooden eraser, Interactive talking globe, Braille word forming block, Braille tactile world map, Braille slate & stylus, Regular stylus, Jumbo stylus, Geometry set, Taylor's Mathematical frame, Braille magnetic letters.

Specialised Software:- Jaws Software (Audio), Magic Software (Zoom text), Jumbo Stylus Duxbury Software, Mobile Speak.

Daily Living Assistive Products:- 4 Alarm talking watch, date and stop watch, Braille talking watch, Wall clock, Economy quartet magnifier set, Cell phone magnifying lens, Cell phone pop up magnifier, Nail clipper with magnifying lens, Full page magnifier, Typoscope, Pill organiser (with 4 alarms), Deluxe pill splitter, Liquid indicator, EZ fill liquid alarm, Boil alert, Can weight talking scale, Superior talking scale, Talking blood pressure meter, Deluxe talking pedometer, Glo in the dark strips and dots, EZ Self threading needles, Self threading needles, 48 Self threading needles, Liquid stitch, Kidde wireless interconncet smoke alarm.

Leisure and sports products:- Goal ball, CAN-DO Ball with bell, Jumbo playing cards, EZC Playing cards, Chess and checker board, Dominoes, Tactile start again, Po-Ke-No (Board Game), Battleship with Braille, Backgammon, Blind athletes rope, Show down ball with bats.







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