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Company Profile

The Company
Enabling Services Uganda Ltd is a private business enterprise that was registered and established in June 2005. It is a pioneer company within the private sector in Uganda with regard to the provision of assistive products for people with visual impairments.
ESUL's goal is to provide products and services that can help blind and partially-sighted people in the country become independent.
Products and Services
The range of products and services that ESUL provides basically relate to education, information communication technology (ICT(, Active Daily Living, sport and leisure.
At present, the company's activities comprise the retailing of various assistive products and provision of audio/Braille transcription, specialized equipment maintenance and repair services in addition to consultancy.
Mission, Vision and values Our Mission:
ESUL's mission is to empower the blind, partially-sighted and people with other disabilities by making assistive products and services that they need to function efficiently in society easily available on the local and regional markets.
Our vision includes, among other things:
• To be the leading one-stop-centre that provides specialised assistive products and services for blind, partially-sighted and other people with disabilities in Uganda and the region at large;

  • To deliver affordable high quality products and services;
  • To be the first choice of reference for inquiries regarding specialised assistive products and services by building a reputation for excellence;

• To develop reliable partnerships to better serve the needs of our local people with special needs. Our Values
ESUL will always behave with honesty and integrity, openly sharing ideas and concerns, while respecting the need for customer discretion.
We always seek to create a friendly, customer care environment, where all people are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
Social Responsibility
As a business dedicated to enhancing the life quality and empowerment of the blind, partially­sighted and others with disabilities,
ESUL seeks to work in partnership with individuals, institutions, organisations and other corporate bodies that desire to carry out activities among people with disabilities by honouring our corporate social responsibility.

Company ownership
ESUL is a private limited company with Norwegian and Ugandan share-holders and directors. The different directors bring with them years of experience in different fields; including specialized product/services provision in Norway and management of disability development programmes in Uganda. Furthermore, one ofthe directors is visually impaired and is an outstanding example of one who has lived with the disability of blindness but achieved a very independent and productive life.
ESUL Work Staff
The work staff of five professionals is young, well educated, vibrant and dedicated to its work. Three them have in their respective areas of work been abroad for training in:

  • Duxbury-based Braille embossing,
  • Perkins Braille Machine repair and servicing,
  • Screen-reader/ magnification software configuration, Braille embosser servicing and installation.

ESUL customers
Among current and previous ESUL customers and clients can be name:

  • Creative Associates International, Inc. Washington DC,
  • Educational institute for the blind, Kibeho, Butare, Rwanda,
  • Goal Uganda,
  • Kyambogo University,
  • Ministry of education & Sports,
  • Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Zanzibar,
  • National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU),
  • Norwegian Refugee Council,
  • Uganda Electoral Commission,
  • Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB),
  • Uganda national Association of the blind (UNAB) and not least,
  • United Nations' Save The children's Fund (UNICEF).

Agency and Partnerships
ESUL collaborates with different special needs education/rehabilitation service providers within the country and specialized assistive products manufacturers/suppliers at the international level.
The company is the local distributor for, among others, products from:

  • Freedom Scientific - U.S.A.,
  • Index Braille - Sweden,
  • Braillo Norway,
  • Code Factory -Spain,
  • SANCB Perkins Project - South Africa and,
  • Independent Living Aids Inc. - U.S.A.

Company location
ESUL premises are on plot 5 Essex Gardens- Kyambogo- Lower Estate, off Kampala / Jinja Road.