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We Specialise in provision of services as categorised below.


Braille Transcription Services
ESUL has the equipment and staff expertise to translate any document into braille in different formats in form of minutes, textbooks, training manuals, student notes, pamphlets and other literature. Our clients include individuals, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Documents can be sent online, embossed and delivered on time. It is advisable to forward your materials a few days in advance for a good job.

Audio Books and Transcription Services
ESUL converts printed materials into the audio formats in form of recorded CDs. These can both be used by those with and without visual impairments. Recorded text often is less expensive, highly portable, easy to store as compared to embossed or printed material.

Repair and Maintenance Services
We supply, maintain and service Braille producing equipment such as Perkins braillers, braille embossers (Index and Braillo). Our service and maintenance team has been equipped with maintenance skills from Index Sweden and Braillo Norway. In collaboration with SANCB-South Africa, Perkins braillers too are repaired in the region.

Research & Documentation
In a bid to strengthen ESUL's capacity as both product and service provider in the country and region at large, ESUL conducts research and documents findings. The research can be individual or group focused on disability issues.

Mobility & Orientation Training
ESUL offers User-centered individualized training in Orientation and mobility, (O&M).The objective is to enhance the independence of the blind individual by having her/him learn to travel safely and independently.The skills taught include orientation techniques when using the orientation white cane, a guide and/or identification cane. Depending upon the needs of the client, the ESUL instructor may work on crossing streets/roads, using public transportation, mobility to the place of learning, work, worship, entertainment, the shopping mall, market, etc. Our O &M team can also train corporate/business personnel blind management skills and provide accessibility and other special needs related consultancy.







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